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Title insurance is a policy that covers issues with the title.

It’s a little hard to grasp because it is not a very tangible event you are insuring against, like an earthquake or a fire.

It’s more of a “what if?” situation.

Like, “what if the neighbors garage is over the line and on my property?”

This can stop a future sale.

Or what if someone from the past shows up claiming ownership?

Again, hard to grasp and it does not seem important unless you actually need it.

There are two types of coverage.

Lender title insurance only covers the bank if there is an issue.

Owner’s title insurance covers your portion and is not required like lender coverage, so you will need to make a decision to purchase it.

I always suggest getting it, because hiring an attorney in the future is covered if you need it… and on the flip side, it is likely you will never use it.

It’s totally your call. Let me know if you have further questions.

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